Fachada II


Our church was founded by Brazilian immigrants. Today, with the relevant history of our Christian community, we constitute a variety of nationalities.

The church began in 1993, when a group of 7 people decided to meet to pray together. Not long after, the group reached twenty people, and the house they met in was already too small. There was a need for a larger rented space for their gathering, so a small space was leased in the city of Newark. In a short time, the group rose to forty-nine regulars, the new space had also become small and the need for a pastor was felt.

On April 3rd,  the church was officially founded under the leadership of pastor Daniel Paixão. It constituted of 29 members and it was called First Baptist Portuguese Speaking Church of New Jersey. The church continued to gather in Newark for a few years until it decided to acquire it’s own building in Elizabeth, NJ.

Pr. Daniel Paixão was invited to take over a church in the state of Florida. On June 24, 1999, from Recife, Pastor Josias Bezerra assumed the pastorate of the church. In the year 2002, Pr. Josias decided to leave the church, returning to his family in Brazil. In May 2003, Pastor Jose Calixto was invited to be the new pastor of the church. In August 2009, Pr. Calixto decided to leave the church and continue serving missions around the world, now in Europe. With the departure of Pr. Calixto, the church took over the then auxiliary Pastor Aloísio Campanha, who served the church as interim pastor until 2011.
Since August 29, 2014, this church has been pastored by Pr. Sérgio Pimentel de Freitas, from Vitória, Brazil. Today we have around 300 members. We give gratitude to our God for directing our history with sovereignty and so much love. To Him all honor, glory and praise.