Sérgio Freitas – Senior Pastor

Born in the beautiful city of Vitória in the state of Espírito Santo. He’s a pastor’s son, went to seminary at a very young age, and became a pastor himself at 23. He holds a degree in Psychology and is married to Psychologist Jácia. He has worked in many different areas throughout his ministry career: he was president of the Capixaba Baptist Youth (2 years); President of the Brazilian Baptist Youth (4 years); and Member of the National Youth Council of the Presidency of the Republic (2 years). He was an Associate Pastor in the GDP of Bento Ferreira – Vitória; and for 6 years associate pastor in PIB Praia da Costa – Vila Velha.

“When you want to be with us, we will sincerely seek to receive you with the best we have, because we are learning every day to welcome and to love people. God bless your life.” Pr. Sérgio Freitas


João Mota – Director of Worship and Praise

Born in Rio de Janeiro, his family moved to São Paulo when he was a child. During childhood, adolescence and youth, he was a member of the Baptist Church in Vila Pompéia – São Paulo, where he discovered his passion for music and worked as an assistant in the music ministry; leading the youth chorus for six years. He holds a music degree from Cantareira College and is married to Heloiza. In 2010, he moved to the United States to further his studies and completed his Master’s Degree in Jazz Performance from Queens College – City University of New York. In 2011 he was invited to serve in our worship ministry and since October 2014, he leads and shepherds the ministry of art and praise at our community.

“We were created for the praise and glory of God and so we dedicate to Him our talents and all that we are. It is my desire that in our way of life and in our gatherings, we will always express praise and adoration to the one who is worthy. “João Mota.


Israel Pessoa – Administration

Born in Goiânia where he started his studies in Administration; he then moved to São Paulo where he attended seminary, graduated with a degree in music and married Andrea. He worked in the leadership team of the Baptist Church of Perdizes and also in the Água Branca Baptist Church. In 1995, he moved to the US and for twenty years he has been an active member of this church. He has been part of our leadership team for eleven years.

“My desire is that as you visit us and walk with us, you may realize that we are seeking to live out Solomon’s counsel in Ecclesiastes 9:10, which is to do everything with the best of our strength, with the sole aim of serving the Lord, while we serve you!” Israel Pessoa